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Current Culture

First modern Britons had ‘dark to black’ skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals (Feb. 7, 2018)

Supreme Court sides with B.C. First Nation in ancestral land dispute (CBC, Feb. 2, 2018)

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle (BBC News, Feb. 2, 2018)

Melting Glaciers Could Reveal How Our Ancestors Dealt With Changing Climates (National Geographic, Jan. 23, 2018)

Ancient midden found after Semiahmoo Nation pressed for archeological assessment (Vancouver Sun, Jan. 30, 2018)

Tourism in coal country: Digging into culture, ecotourism (National Post, Dec. 26, 2017)

An anthropologist explains why we love holiday rituals and traditions (, Dec. 12, 2017)

Liberal government backs bill that demands full implementation of UN Indigenous rights declaration (, Nov. 21, 2017)

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast. So What’s For Lunch? (Forbes, Nov. 9, 2017)

Supreme Court ruling removes barrier for year-round ski resort on sacred First Nation land (, Nov. 2, 2017)

Haida goes Hollywood: Making a film — and trying to save a language (, Nov. 2, 2017)

How a B.C. First Nation is working to save their language from extinction (Canadian Geographic, Oct. 31, 2017)

First Nations Fight to Protect the Rare Spirit Bear from Hunters (National Geographic, Oct. 26, 2017)

Non-Indigenous B.C. artist defends work despite calls for authenticity (, Oct. 25, 2017)

How walls like Trump’s destroy the past and threaten the future (National Post, Oct. 25, 2017)

VIDEO and story: Totem pole raised on Lelu after LNG project falls (Northern View, Oct. 21, 2017)

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