Carving a Niche (AUDIO)

Under a timber-frame structure overlooking Hagwilget Canyon in Hazelton, British Columbia, master carver Ron Austin works alongside fellow community members Robert Austin, Jason Austin and Francis


Hooqwa: My Favourite Witsuwit’en Word

By Christine Bruce

When a family member dies, Witsuwit’en relatives grieve for an extended period—two years is not uncommon—before putting a headstone on the grave. Delivering the headstone is accomplished...

Breaking Bread and Barriers

By Moe Kafer

Food is like a doorway into any culture. When you meet someone you would like to know better, oftentimes you invite them to your table to break...

CMTs: When the Forest Comes Alive

By Jezelle Zatorski and Keli Watson

Sometimes, when your vocation is to walk through the forest and look for signs of the people who lived there, you find those signs...

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