Our 5 Most-Loved Articles of 2018

Dec 12, 2018Featured

By Amanda Follett Hosgood


Perhaps the most satisfying part of reaching the end of another trip around the sun is reflecting on where we were a year ago. This time last year, Culturally Modified was a fledgling publication, still getting our footing and finding our place in this world of new media. In the 12 months that have followed, we’re proud of the content we’ve produced—everything from unique and passionate personal stories to research and news affecting culture in today’s world.

Emily McGiffin’s The Power of Poetry in South African Culture topped our most-read of 2018 with its observations about how poetry can shape politics and culture. Next was our list of 7 Cultural Tourism Destinations to Visit this Year (if there’s anything better than a good listicle, it’s good travel suggestions.) Even though it wasn’t published this year, Joanne Hammond’s article from our first issue, Decolonizing BC’s Roadside History, ranked high with readers as third most viewed since Jan. 1. With our first issue published late in 2017, we decided it was worth including. Our fourth- and fifth-ranking pieces were parenting related: Lydia Howard’s First Love: The Importance of Early-Childhood Relationships and Carla Lewis’ Indigenous Education through Homeschooling.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fantastic contributors that have joined us on this journey so far. Without them, we would be nothing (and very, very busy). Also, deepest thanks to you, the reader, for following along. We look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us in the year to come.

Indigenous Education through Homeschooling

I had always planned to homeschool my eight-year-old son. Yet, when kindergarten rolled around, he decided he wanted to go to the local public school, where most of his friends were.

Decolonizing BC’s Roadside History

In September 2016, a sign was unveiled just up the street from my home in Kamloops. It’s the kind of familiar sign that dots Canada’s highways, meant for motorists to pull over, learn…

7 Cultural Tourism Destinations to Visit this Year

In this world of rapidly increasing globalization, it can feel like no place has been left culturally untouched by tourism. But those places remain.

First Love: The Importance of Early-Childhood Relationships

When I first became a parent, I was struck, as I am sure all parents are, by this sense that what I was doing was very important…

The Power of Poetry in South African Culture

What does poetry do? The question is simple but contentious. Some claim that poetry, that art in general, doesn’t do anything, that it doesn’t need to…

Amanda Follett Hosgood was born and raised in Ontario. She graduated from Carleton University’s journalism program in 1997 and headed west to Canmore, Alberta where she worked as reporter and assistant editor at the Canmore Leader and Banff Crag & Canyon. In 2006, she moved farther north and west to Smithers, B.C., completing a Master of Arts in Communication Specializing in International and Intercultural Communication through Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C in 2009. She lives with her family on Wet'suwet'en territory.